American Made Dorm & Home Selects The Sewing Studio as the U.S. Manufacturer Of Its ‘Liz and Roo’ Line

Atlanta’s The Sewing Studio has been chosen as the new U.S. manufacturer for American Made Dorm & Homes’ baby line, Liz and Roo.

The Georgia shop will not only make high-end, hand-sewn baby bedding that will be readily available on, but will also manufacture custom bedding at customers’ requests.

“We’re thrilled to be working with such a beloved brand that takes pride in keeping its manufacturing here in the U.S., and are excited for new parents to see the many new styles we’re proud to have created, “ says Kathy Antar, owner of The Sewing Studio.  “For Americans who are looking for the utmost quality and style in their baby bedding, you can’t find better than Liz and Roo.”

To purchase American Made Dorm & Home’s fine baby bedding line, visit:  On the site, shoppers can select from full four-piece baby bed sets to separate baby-bed pieces.  Every Liz and Roo creation is guaranteed to be top quality and all made here in America.

In addition to manufacturing for Liz and Roo, The Sewing Studio manufactures for many brands that want to proudly wear the “Made in America” label.

“We’ve definitely noticed a trend.  Product manufacturers are wanting to focus more on quality and product sustainability, and that’s what we offer,” shared Antar.  “We can guarantee that any product leaving our shop meets with our own rigorous standards.”