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Each class has a project:


Pillows (with over lapping back)
Table Toppers (table cloth, runner, place mats or napkins)
Bags (tote, shopping, laundry or vegetable keeper)
Apron (cooking, gardening, or tool belt)

Classes cost $75 each.

 Tuesdays        6pm -  8:30pm 
Wednesdays  10am - 12:30pm
 Saturdays     10am - 12:30pm

Our beginners’ classes are based on the many calls & emails we’ve receive from people who have bought or gotten a machine as a gift, but have no idea where to start. So we have set up our beginners classes to start from scratch, learning on your own machine at your own pace.

Yes, you will bring in your own machine and we will teach you how to use it from start to finish. No more getting frustrated because you took a class but when you got home, your machine looks nothing like the one you learned to use in class.

All beginners’ classes will have time allotted to show you how to thread your machine, wind the bobbin and use the various stitches. So by the time we start a project you are already comfortable with the mechanics and then it is just a matter of practice.  

Intermediate Classes 

Our intermediate classes are a continuation of the beginners’ classes. As are the advanced classes a continuation of the intermediate classes. Again you will be using your own machine and building on the skills you’ve already learned.

It is a prerequisite that everyone take a beginners class before moving on to the intermediate classes or an intermediate class before an advanced class. If you feel like you have enough previous experience, give us a call and we can discuss your skill level to see if you can easily keep up in a more advanced setting.

All classes will have a predetermined project that you will finish or almost finish by the end of the class. There are many projects to choose from but if you don’t see something you are interested in making, please let us know what you would like to learn to make.