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A: The beginners' classes are set up to be taken in any order you want. You can take one a week or one a month, whatever fits in with your schedule. They will all have some machine instruction and then learning skills to complete the project associated with that class.

A: Beginners class projects can include pillows, tote bags, aprons, table toppers, (which includes table cloths, runners, place-mats, & napkins) we are always adding new projects.

A: Yes you learn to sew on your own machine. In the past we have had several people tell us that when they got home & tried to continue sewing on their machine, it didn't look anything like the machine in the class.

A: Most home sewing machine can be removed from the console & used on a regular table. The only exception would be if its motor is separate from the sewing machine, & attached to the console, the same way a professional machine would work.

A: Classes have been designed for adults but mature children can attend as along as an adult is present at all times.