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Meet our Professionals
Clarke Gaddy has been a draper since 1984.  He started out working with Douglas Design Services and eventually took over the operation in 1988 with partner Samuel Malone, changing the name to Samuel Clarke Fabric Workroom.  Then in 1991 with Sam's retirement, Clarke continued on his own with Clarke's Fabric Workroom.
Kathy Antar has been in the special events field since 1992.  She started out as a photographer and has added decor production to her repertoire.  The Sewing Studio was born in 2004 specializing in fabrics for event production.  With the addition of Clarke's vast experience it has moved into working with interior decorators.

See what The Sewing Studio Atlanta is up to!

American Made Dorm & Home selects The Sewing Studio as the U.S. manufacturer of its 'Liz and Roo' line 
Nov. 12, 2013

Atlanta’s The Sewing Studio has been chosen as the new U.S. manufacturer for American Made Dorm & Homes’ baby line, Liz and Roo.

The Georgia shop will not only make high-end, hand-sewn baby bedding that will be readily available on, but will also manufacture custom bedding at customers’ requests. 

“We’re thrilled to be working with such a beloved brand that takes pride in keeping its manufacturing here in the U.S., and are excited for new parents to see the many new styles we’re proud to have created, “ says Kathy Antar, owner of The Sewing Studio.  “For Americans who are looking for the utmost quality and style in their baby bedding, you can’t find better than Liz and Roo.” 

To purchase American Made Dorm & Home’s fine baby bedding line, visit:  On the site, shoppers can select from full four-piece baby bed sets to separate baby-bed pieces.  Every Liz and Roo creation is guaranteed to be top quality and all made here in America.

In addition to manufacturing for Liz and Roo, The Sewing Studio manufactures for many brands that want to proudly wear the “Made in America” label.

“We’ve definitely noticed a trend.  Product manufacturers are wanting to focus more on quality and product sustainability, and that’s what we offer,” shared Antar.  “We can guarantee that any product leaving our shop meets with our own rigorous standards.”


Lifetime Network's New 'Devious Maids' shows off custom decor by Atlanta's only full-service sewing shop
July 23, 2013

Devious Maids, which premiered on Lifetime, June 23, features custom bedding and drapes sewn by Atlanta-based sewing shop, The Sewing Studio. 

The shop’s creations for the drama range from the very ornate gold drapes in the Powell’s study to the simple panels in Zoila’s house.  The Sewing Studio’s work can be seen in rooms throughout the show, including the sheers and drapes in many of the characters’ homes.

The Sewing Studio’s drapes play a role in one of the shows most dramatic scenes, when Marisol lights the ones in the Powell’s guest room on fire. 

“We love being able to help set designers and art directors bring their creative visions to life,” says Kathy Antar, owner of The Sewing Studio. “In Devious Maids, the drapery in the Powell’s study adds to the extravagantness of a traditional home, while simple panels and sheers compliment the modern houses. It’s a treat to see our handiwork in such diverse scenes.”

The Sewing Studio, located at 5309 Peachtree Boulevard in Chamblee, regularly sews for movies and TV shows filmed here in Atlanta, including The Blind Side, Identity Thief, The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries. 

In addition to sewing cushions, drapery and upholstery for use on set, The Sewing Studio also manufactures back-of-the-house pieces such as reflectors to redirect and filter lighting to sandbags for steadying equipment.

The Sewing Studio not only sews for movies, TV and theater, but also for companies that want their products “Made in America.”  The studio’s 10,000-square-foot shop houses more than 20 industrial-grade sewing machines, a spacious workroom, in-house design consultation and more.

The Sewing Studio sews upcycled bags for SMAX Bros.
April 1, 2013

The Sewing Studio is proud to be sewing upcycled duffle bags made from old billboards for SMAX Bros.  Check out the company's line of bags here:

The SMAX Bros. are Roswell, GA., residents Sam and Max Ovett, who realized that huge vinyl billboards could be turned into heavy duty duffle bags, perfect for rugged outdoor adventurers.  Plus, each SMAX Bag is unique, since they are all made from different parts of billboards.